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  • LITTER - Plastic carrier bags are not a litter problem. In fact most litter on our streets is snack food packaging, bottles and cans, cigarette ends and similar. It is estimated that plastic bags of any kind make up far less than 1% of litter on our streets. So reducing the number of plastic carrier bags we use will make no difference to the volume of litter on our streets.

    LANDFILL - Even if plastic carrier bags end up in landfill they take up an insignificant amount of space. The material that takes up most space in our landfills is paper and wood-based products and putrescible waste. As any waste expert will confirm, these are the materials that can become a major contributor to greenhouse emissions and groundwater pollution - not plastic.

    FINITE OIL RESOURCES - Forget the popular environmental "spin". Compared with alternatives, lightweight high-strength plastics represent by far the best overall use of valuable earth resources for thousands of everyday applications. The benefits to the environment are incalculable. Only about 2% of all the oil consumed in Europe is used for all plastic films - and plastic carriers are a very small part of this percentage. The vast majority of oil - nearly 85% - is burned as fuel in cars and lorries or as heating fuel. A carrier bag tax will make absolutely no difference to global oil consumption.

    ENERGY - The energy intensity of plastic carrier bags has been shown to be far less than for the equivalent size of paper bag. So plastic films are the most energy-efficient material we can produce. After use, the latent energy in plastic can be recovered by re-use, recycling or via waste to energy systems as widely practised throughout the EU.

    RESOURCE MINIMISATION - Today's plastic carrier uses 70% less plastic than 20 years ago yet still remains as strong and durable. No other industry has achieved this reduction in material used. So why penalise an industry that has the best track record of all in resource minimisation?

    TRANSPORTATION, STORAGE AND FUEL EMISSIONS - Plastic is by far the lightest of all carrier bag materials - so it takes much less fuel to transport and creates less damaging exhaust emissions than any alternative. A paper bag weights roughly six times more than a plastic carrier, is about four times more expensive and takes up to ten time more storage space. Plastic has genuine environmental advantages across its full life cycle.

    RE-USE AND RECYCLING - Plastic carrier bags are re-used time and time again. Estimates suggest that four out of five people re-use single trip plastic carrier bags in the household. Replacing these bags would cost more in resources and energy - a plastic bag tax introduced elsewhere is resulting in a massive increase in the sale of plastic refuse bags and bin liners! Plastic film is recyclable so why not encourage markets for recycled plastic carriers instead of taxing them?

    CONVENIENCE AND THEFT REDUCTION - Plastic carrier have proved to be the solution of convenience for both the shopper and retailer. Imagine the queues building up at checkout when those in front have forgotten to bring alternative carriers. Or the delays and embarrassment when supermarkets need to search customers' own bags to combat increased pilfering. Think of the extra cost to supermarkets - many of whom replace accidental breakages on their premises - when people using old or damaged bags spill the contents everywhere. Imagine the costs and chaos when supermarket plastic and wire baskets are stolen - as is happening elsewhere - as a substitute for the carrier bag. And think how the supermarkets will feel about their goods being carried out in competitor branded bags! Above all we must never forget we are predominantly handling food and groceries, where cleanliness and hygiene are crucial. Heavy duty re-useable bags may sound like a good idea but should we really be gambling with the nation's health?

    ANTI COMPETITIVE AND A BARRIER TO TRADE - A tax on plastic carrier bags would be extremely unfair. It would discriminate against plastic compared with other materials. It could represent a serious restraint on trade - putting our businesses and jobs at risk - and for no environmental gain. A plastic bag tax would effectively close down dozens of UK carrier bag manufacturers for no good reason - killing off hundreds of jobs and wasting millions of pounds of investment which has ironically been spent on meeting UK legislation for better health, safety and a cleaner environment.

  • Holiday period, generally a lot of food at home will be saved. Now supermarket food packaging, food can only be easy to play instructions and the role of the prevention of food contamination. People usually think, as long as the packaging of food in the shelf-life period, it should be safe, but sometimes not the case. In order to ensure food safety, so that consumers do not eat spoiled food, the scientists can come up with some metamorphic instructions Whether or not a new type of food packaging technology and extend the shelf life of food packaging technologies, which collectively, the "active packaging technology," or "smart packaging technology" . Unfortunately, our country is currently far behind in this regard.
    ■ "smart" food from the "active" packaging

    Food for the delay due to oxidation and deterioration, the current common practice is in the packaging into a powder inside the packet, the use of iron oxidation process spent inside the packaging of oxygen. However, some customers in the food to see which one printed "勿食" the words do not have to kick on the packet, and the new packaging is coupled with a layer of wrapping paper in "sucked" Materials oxygen, which can make them feel comfortable a lot of . Another instance, a number of fresh food at low temperatures necessary to preserve, or else the bacteria will be active inside, and cause food deterioration. Affixed to the packaging instructions on time and temperature of the new tags, one of the chemical composition at higher temperatures when the polymerization occurs, the corresponding tag will be light and shade of the color change, thus customers can know at what temperature food storage, storage How long, how in the end the degree of freshness.

    According to the United Kingdom, "New Scientist" reports, such as "active packaging" technology, already in the United States, France and other places use. Many companies recognize that customers understand that the provision of fresh food to their correct, and its potential commercial benefits are enormous, the use of new technologies to develop additional cost compared with, but are "pale into insignificance." At present, some companies are developing the United States frozen food preservation instructions packaging, new packaging can be monitored to meat, fish or vegetables due to improper refrigeration decomposed metamorphic released gases. Different fresh fruits and vegetables needed for the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide are different characteristics for this packaging technology is also developing into. California company is developing a packaging film, this film can change its permeability with temperature capabilities, meet the needs of different fruits and vegetables of different oxygen and carbon dioxide necessary. In New Zealand, researchers at the development of a fruit packaging, this packaging instructions such as peach afraid afraid of pressure squeezing the fruit when cooked. Food Technology researchers estimated that in the coming 20-40 percent of the food packaging will be the application of "active packaging" technologies.

    ■ Whether or not food metamorphic instructions

    The researchers found that food packaging, some materials can absorb oxygen bag packaging; Some Materials with the Food and metamorphic gases produced by the interaction time, change color; some material change in temperature will change color and so on. If the use of such materials packaged food, it helps prevent oxidative deterioration of food, or provide consumers with more food safe Whether or not information.

    As a result of these active materials have a display of food packaging safety feature, so much the company is to research various forms of "active packaging." France's "Fujio price" supermarket chain is much fresh food on the use of a known as the "time temperature instructions" of the packaging technology. In fact it is a tag, you can show the food at a temperature kept many Long time. Labels such as used in target shooting, there is much transparent trap circle circle, the center of the ring contains a chemical substance. Such chemical substances over time and temperature difference in the polymerization by the transparent black. If the packaging of food at low temperature to maintain status, the chemical polymerization reaction is very slow, once the temperature increase in polymerization will be accelerated by chemical substances will be transparent black. Up because of food bacteria with temperature and time increased, so the extent of chemical substances will darken more and more serious. When the inner dark, it means that the food is no longer fresh. Consumers can change the color of this tag to determine whether the foods at high temperature state of preservation for a long time.

    Researchers another food safety instructions packaging technology, is a dye-doped plastic wafer, through the food bags and packaging which play a role in the release of the gas, indicating whether the deterioration of meat and vegetables. Add this plastic film food packaging bags, if perishable food packaging bag, it will release a gas, so that plastic film to change color. Consumers under the color of plastic films will be able to know whether the foods metamorphism.

    ■ extend the shelf life

    Different fruits and vegetables required at a certain concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide can be fresh, and so the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration in the sealed packaging bag is difficult to control. Because when the temperature is high, the packaging bag of fruit or vegetable will consume more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. Therefore, if not regulated, the shelf life of food is bound to be affected.

    In order to solve this dilemma, the United States Menlo Park, Calif., company is studying a so-called membrane Intelimer packaging. This film at the temperature changes, will change their permeability, so that different foods to keep in the best proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations under.

    Slow down the rate of food deterioration Another method is to use an oxygen scavenger to remove oxygen, control of the packaging bag of the air environment, thereby avoiding deterioration of food oxidation. The current commonly used method is put in the food packaging bag with a sachet of powder, through the iron consumed oxygen packaging bag. However, this method is obviously insufficient, because pouch on the "no eating" signs to warn consumers easily lead to resentment. To this end, the United States, New Jersey, a sealed gas company is the production itself can be an oxygen bag to remove the material. Materials such as iron, as capture and consumption of oxygen packaging bags.

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