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  • Packaging is capable of being discussed in relation to what type of product is actually being packaged within, such as bulk chemical packaging for example, or medical device packaging, over the counter packaging for drugs, food packaging for retail sales, military materials packaging, pharmaceuticals packaging and so on and so forth.
    Sometimes it is convenient for people to categorize the different types of packaging based on their layer of function, such as primary packaging, secondary packaging, tertiary packaging and so on and so forth. In this particular scenario when it comes to identifying packaging based on its function, primary packaging is described as the material that is designed to envelope and to d the specific product itself. Primary packaging is usually the absolute smallest possible unit of use or of distribution, and it is also commonly regarded as the packaging that actually comes in a direct level of contact with the actual contents. Secondary packaging on the other hand is the type of packaging that is outside of the primary level of packaging and this level of packaging functionality is often used specifically to group a number of primary packages together with one another. The third level of packaging is tertiary packaging, which is especially common for bulk handling, transport shipping as well as warehouse storage.
    The most common form of tertiary packaging is a palletized unit loan that is packed into tight containers.When soda pop is poured into aluminum cans and sealed, the aluminum can is perceived to be the primary form of packaging because it is the closest form of packaging to the actual product. The aluminum cans are sold in cases made of cardboard, which are perceived to be the secondary form of packaging because they are the packages that contain the primary packages.
    Finally, the tertiary form of packaging is perceived as whatever specific form of packaging is used for the purpose of wide spread distribution, such as a pallet system for example, where a large number of cases of cans of soda are wrapped in shrink wrap and carried on large wooden pallets to their destination.
    These broad categories are often viewed as being somewhat arbitrary in nature. For example, depending on the specific use, shrink wrap is capable of being considered as primary packaging when it is being applied directly to the specific product, but it is also considered secondary packaging when the shrink wrap is used to combine smaller packages, and in some distribution packs shrink wrap is used as tertiary packaging as it keeps large pallets of products together in one place.

  • A new report on private label beers in Europe from specialist beverage research agency Canadean suggests however that although share may be rising, volumes are not. Share is growing because private label products are falling at a slower rate than branded products.

    2009 has been a traumatic year for the beer sector in West Europe, with Canadean anticipating a drop of around 3% in overall volumes. Private label beers are expected to drop at a more modest rate of less than 1%. Beer is well represented in the on-premise and it is the sharp decline in bars and restaurants that has pulled the overall beer sector down. Private label beers are almost exclusively sold in supermarkets and have consequently been shielded from the full force of the downturn.
    It is the level of beer volumes going through the on-premise that has contributed to the low level of private label penetration in the beer market; 7% penetration for beer compares to well over 20% for soft drinks. The size of many of the brewers in West Europe means that the leading beer brands are supported with significant marketing budgets and with so many strong beer brands present, private label has traditionally found it difficult to compete on price alone. Another feature of the marketplace has been the sizeable presence of discount brands, which have historically further handicapped the prospects for private label in the beer sector.
    Private label share is not low in all markets however. In Spain it is as high as 15% while in France it reaches 17%. France in particular has a strong wine culture and it may be that beer is more likely to be viewed as a commodity. A common feature of both markets is the low level of duty levied on alcohol; this enables far more scope for price differentials and price positioning between branded and private label products. On-premise share in France at 25% is considerably lower than the regional average. The volume sold through modern retailers is thus higher and so consumers are more exposed to private label offerings than in many other markets.
    The report concludes that whereas the threat to branded beers is not as pronounced as in the soft drinks arena, further growth in share is likely. This is in part due to the dramatic surge in hard discounter foot traffic and outlets during the recession and in part because the off-premise is significantly outperforming the on-premise. Its findings also show that in terms of brands, private label collectively outsells every brand in both East and West Europe.

  • Flexible packaging is one segment that keeps growing while the US packaging market lies in the doldrums due to the recession and a mature market.
    The reasons are simple: Consumers demand the convenience, quality, functionality and value that flexible packaging can provide. In addition, flexible packaging substrates help cut costs and can offer sustainability advantages by reducing the amount of materials required to cut package weight and lower transportation costs. Flexible packaging also is finding increasing favor for food and beverages, whose consumption continues to grow.
    Three recent studies by Pira Intl. , PRIMIR and the Freedonia Group indicate that flexible packaging is likely to continue gaining market share. The recent Pira study forecasts that the global flexible packaging market will grow from $127.1 billion in 2009 to $137.5 billion in 2014. The PRIMIR study places US flexible packaging at $28 billion last year, and forecasts growth of 2 to 3 percent annually through 2013.
    The Freedonia study predicts world demand for converted flexible packaging will increase 3.5 percent a year to more than 19 million tons in 2013.Flexible packaging can be easily tailored to meet demanding specifications for a wide range of products, the Pira study states, citing development over the years from simple paper wrappings and bags to sophisticated, multilayer and multimaterial packaging for barrier protection and shelf-life extension.
    Studies detail benefits
    According to the studies, key market drivers and trends identified for flexible packaging include:
    Biodegradable and recyclable flexible materials gain favor as retailers and brand owners seek to improve packaging's environmental footprint.
    Flexible films and bags are continually downgauged to reduce costs and minimize waste. However, this will restrain volume gains.
    Flexible packaging allays growing concern about excessive packaging being disposed of in landfills.
    Standup pouches are replacing glass bottles and other traditional package types for a range of food and beverage products.
    Laminated structures using high-barrier resins along with foils and paper are being designed to preserve product freshness and extend shelf life. Specialized coatings also are under development that may enhance packaging performance.
    Convenience features such as microwaveable pouches, peel-off lids, zippers and pouring spouts will help steal share from folding cartons and boost sales in developed countries.

  • Below are items which should, at a minimum, be addressed in the contract:
    What are the services you are contracting for? Who will handle raw product testing? Where are records to be kept? How will final product quality be checked?
    What ingredients and supplies are you responsible for purchasing or providing? What is the disposal for excess ingredients or supplies which you purchase or furnish? Where will they be stored between processing runs?
    What processing manipulations will be required for ingredients such as slicing, dicing, or blanching? Are piece sizes specified?
    Will there be samples furnished for your approval prior to the first production run? Will there be storage/stability or finished product tests?
    Are you to be present and consulted during processing plant runs? If so, are you covered under insurance or Workman’s Compensation?
    Will you have any coverage under the manufacturer’s product liability insurance? If so,
    what will it be? Note that it will be necessary for you to furnish your own liability insurance to sell your product to stores.
    What are the critical factors which must be met in processing, such as pH, packing temperatures, or heat processing? Require documentation that these have been measured and met.
    Are ingredient substitutions accepted? What are the limits? Are these covered in your ingredient specifications? Note that manipulation of ingredients may render your ingredient statement or nutritional information on your label inadequate.
    The contract should note scheduled processes which must be filed and certifications which must be obtained. If the product is listed under a marketing program such as “Goodness Grows in North Carolina” there must be certification of use of required ingredients.
    What is the delivery date of the finished product? Must it be immediately removed from the premises?
    What are the payment terms? Usually these are 10% down and the remainder on delivery.
    What will render the product unacceptable? What are the appearance factors such as color, separation, piece size, and texture? Who will judge adequacy of flavor and taste?
    What are the appearance factors for the container, such as label placement, closure gasket materials and closure color, or neckband placement, size and color? How tight is the closure to be?
    Who is responsible for disposal and disposal costs or rework of unacceptable product?
    The entrepreneur should furnish labels, what size are they to be, what style and orientation, and how are they to be wound? (It is recommended you have the copacker specify the labels in writing to be sure they will run on his equipment).
    How much lead-time is necessary for the next and subsequent production runs to be delivered?
    Will the copacker be required to furnish grade certifications, third party audits or other certifications of lots and batches? The copacker should certify that the label statements are accurate.
    What lot or batch coding is to be used? Where will it be placed on the container and how will ingredient processing and testing records be filed to correlate with the code?
    What is the manufacturer’s recall plan? Be sure you have a copy. How are you to be notified?
    Is there a noncompete agreement with the copacker? Are confidentiality and privacy issues covered?
    What finished product testing will be provided?
    While there may be many other points to be covered in the contract, the above represents those points for which many disagreements occur. While we recommend an attorney’s advice on contracts, the small entrepreneur may find the cost prohibitive.

  • 1 Introduction
    In recent years, China's annual production of beverages has shown an upward trend year after year and maintained its annual 10% to 20% growth rate. Can be said that the beverage industry is currently in the food industry, one of the fastest growing industries. The beverage giants have vied for beverage market, unity, Huiyuan, Master Kang, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, farmer spring, Robust, silver herons were all across the board to launch its own new types of beverages. Such a hot beverage industry, for beverage packaging, highlighting the brand image as a natural benefit of the heat shrink labels.
    Shrink labels are part of the label market, applied to heat shrink packaging, are now undergoing rapid growth among the market share expanded. Annual growth rate is expected to be maintained at around 15%, far exceeding the general label of the annual growth rate of around 5% of the market, huge potential for development has become the industry's largest labels highlights.
    As the name suggests, is a heat shrinkable label uses special ink printed on plastic film or plastic film tube labels, in the labeling process, when the heat (70 ℃ or so), the shrink-label will soon be along the outer container contour contraction, close to the surface of the container. Such labels can not be considered in the label area of new products, mostly from the 20th century large-scale applications since the early 90s, but it has to meet the unique packaging of goods, and therefore, in the packaging market, is most welcome. Shrink film packaging and shrink-label loved by people another reason is its image with a three-dimensional feeling, giving to the rich imagination and attracted many customers and consumer interest and, therefore, opened up a broad market outlets.
    Second, the characteristics of heat shrinkable label
    1. Shrink Label Benefits
    ① heat shrinkable film is highly transparent, so label bright color and better luster.
    ② the large-scale production, is an independent production label.
    ③ heat shrinkable film contraction close to merchandise, packaging, compact and can show appearance of goods, packaged goods aesthetic. , Hangzhou Wahaha Group, such as milk dolls Shuangwai Wai probiotic fermented yogurt on the use of heat shrink labels. Form a unique set of special-shaped bottle bottle designed to fit the pattern, abundant charm, the first time be able to capture hearts and minds of children.
    ④ shrink-wear-resistance is good, but also has a high strength to ensure that bear the weight of the contents. Films are printed inside the printing (graphic kit is in the membrane), may play a role in protection of imprinting, and labeling and better wear resistance.
    ⑤ Shrink packaging technology and equipment is relatively simple, seal is good, no need to use adhesive labels when labeling.
    ⑥ shape of beverage containers are now unique, personalized designs increasing heat shrinkable film label to clearly show the outer surface of a beverage container profile. Shrink film close to product, packaging and compact, suitable for irregular packing of goods; great adaptability of the body of the bottle is shrink-label Xiamen Yinlu choice reasons. Yinlu majority of products have used shrink-label.
    ⑦ shrink film as the label to save forest resources, reduce costs, health, easy to use.
    2. Heat shrinkable film label shortcomings
    ① to consider the graphic image of the shrinkage rate and shrinkage film shrinkage, as can be accurately reproduced.
    ② in the heat-shrink label printing ink used must also have a certain shrinkage, can accurately reproduce the graphics.
    ③ As the heat-shrink label printing process must be in contraction, while the bar code can be read only accurate reproduction, it must go through rigorous design and printing quality control, otherwise the pattern will cause shrinkage deformation of inferior quality or can not read barcode .
    ④ the majority of heat shrinkable film printability is not very good, the need for pre-press pre-processing.

  • Market for a new wave of demand for waterproof carton
    In recent years, with the people's living standards improved, increasing demand for packaging products. Corrugated packaging container as a commodity, not only to guarantee safety in the transportation of goods, but also play a beautification products, increase of added value, promote sales role. Especially in recent years appearing on the market a variety of printed cartons exquisite new moisture-proof coating, in large part to improve product quality, packaging cartons, and a fundamental solution of the carton packaging Yi Chao, easy to mold, easy to loss issues. Corrugated to withstand wet or grease penetration, the intensity will rapidly decrease. Shape, stiffness owing to the damp change. Because after the carton box by water infiltration, compressive strength, bursting strength will be greatly decreased, which would seriously affect the quality of packaging. For example: at 95% relative humidity environment, the corrugated boxes will lose 2 / 3 of the original rhyme strength, corrugated box will be the collapse of the entire cross. Currently boxes with waterproof properties of the market demand is growing, especially in the vegetable, food, household appliances, industrial products, packaging, application of a gradual increase. Export products, especially the rapid growth of water-resistant carton usage, which greatly promoted the development of corrugated box manufacturing industry.
    Waterproof cardboard is resistant to water damage the strength of the general term for cardboard. Production of corrugated box for moisture, in addition to protection against water, wet packing, the main is to prevent infiltration of water on the box itself.
    Moisture-proof, waterproof corrugated board development concern. As the corrugated box to absorb moisture, or water-absorbent stacking strength will result in significant decline, has become a carton manufacturing enterprises need to be solved important issues. The most common way is to pull in the original paper coating agent. Was first painted in cardboard boxes on the use of tung oil in order to achieve water-proof, moisture-proof effect. Chitosan acetic acid solution after impregnation and acetic anhydride treatment, converted into chitin, apply the original paper and also has good moisture-proof, waterproof effect. The use of paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, polyethylene wax, beeswax, white wax, carnauba wax, montan wax and other animal and plant wax, apply on board by the emulsion can be moisture-proof and waterproof on the same due to low cost, is currently the most widely used approach to . However, this method of surface characterization of anti-poor, low-gloss, you can join the propylene-based polymer, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, amino resins, poly amide, poly-amino acid alcohol and high-linked thermoset polymers such as polyvinyl chloride , made of composite structures of the pull agent for the impregnation cardboard, can greatly improve the cardboard waterproof and moisture resistant. Waxing corrugated board is not conducive to recovery, the EU has begun to limit the use of. Another pull aqueous chromium trioxide is used in the alcohol - hydrochloric acid solution, restore, and stearic acid with is made of both anti-mildew, anti-pollution and other features. At present there are different formulations on the market pull agent to sell. If the resin, starch or plastic type moisture-proof agent to join the pulp caused by moisture within the copy paper, carton of natural right to produce the most convenient, although this number to increase the cost of base paper, but the total cost is still cost-effective. Toyo Steel Co., Ltd. has made to develop 0.02mm ~ 0.05mm thick pure iron foil by zinc, nickel or tin anti-rust treatment, and kraft paper, polyethylene film extruded with the compound into a composite board, used to make cartons, not only waterproof, moisture-proof, but also electromagnetic shielding, anti-static, especially for aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, electronic instrumentation, semiconductor devices and machinery and electronic products packaging. Aluminum PVC film and the kraft paper cartons post-production, also has a waterproof, moisture-proof function.
    Moisture-proof packaging technology
    Air humidity is caused by corrosion products, deterioration of the important factors. Wet products and other items of industrial hazards mainly to make metal rust, so that non-metallic products taken place mildew into deliquescence. Some organic materials, the surface moisture swelling, deformation, blistering, not only affect the appearance, but also to mechanical performance. In order to prevent items in the production, transportation, storage, use a qualitative change in the course of damp to take protective packaging, as moisture-proof packaging.
    Packaging materials or containers depends on the moisture resistant material or container moisture penetration. Packaging material moisture permeability means: per unit area within the unit, asked by the weight of the water vapor. Water vapor permeability of packaging materials and material types, processing methods and material thickness. In order to improve performance, moisture-proof packaging materials, reducing its moisture permeability is often a different soft multi-layer composite material, made of composite film. Commonly used packaging materials and composite packaging material moisture permeability in the table below.
    The moisture-proof packaging in general there are four: the first one is being packaged in order to prevent loss of moisture water products to ensure product performance and stability, using a certain humidity, moisture-proof transparent packaging materials packaging; the second is to prevent the packaged product moisture absorption of moisture in the containers placed a certain amount of desiccant to absorb the package into the package when the water will keep humidity within a certain range. Desiccant commonly used are: silica gel, molecular sieve, activated alumina. This method requires that the container can be sealed, so that the container interior space with the outside air isolation. This method is suitable for small packing cases; third is accused of space through continuous or intermittent moisture detection and control of space will be charged to maintain the humidity within a certain range, achieving the purpose of supplies and equipment dry and sealed . This method is suitable for large products, moisture-proof packaging (such as large equipment, automobiles, airplanes, etc.), can be used such as recycling dehumidification drying and condensation control methods; The fourth is through sealed containers within the vacuum method of realization of moisture

  • Packaging materials of tea&beverage in China
    On the domestic market, sales of tea packaging materials are used in a wide range of currently mainly PET bottles and aluminum cans. This is mainly because of China's tea market just a view towards the introduction of growth stage. Early use of three-piece tinplate cans as a tea beverage packaging business due to product cost is too high, high prices have been gradually phased out. Heat-resistant PET bottle of tea beverage processing process is simple, quality and easy to control, easy to start small and medium enterprises. Aluminum cans by domestic sales of carbonated tea beverages Wang Shi influence, and its annual consumption of tea drinks, very impressive.
    There are some manufacturers use of non-heat-resistant PET bottles as a tea beverage containers, but most are not very good quality of the product, shelf-life period of serious browning appeared tea color, sedimentation, metamorphism and so on. This is because most manufacturers are using mineral water filling line for PET bottled tea drinks, as production equipment, and the present equipment, mineral water filling line, does not apply to tea beverage aseptic filling, or about 60 ℃ hot filling loaded, its less stable, filling the environment when you are not stable and prone to secondary pollution, leading to excessive bacteria, tea degenerate.
    Currently used as a tea beverage aseptic Tetra Pak packages are basically Taiwan-funded enterprises, such as unity, Master, life, etc. Also, as the sun rose, Huiyuan, deep Hui, Hui-Er-Kang has adopted this part of the manufacturer's financial strength more abundant, but also a wealth of experience in tea production. Their products taste good, stable quality, sales situation and optimism in recent years, China's tea market share of sales is high.
    Tea beverage packaging trends
    The first is a drink of tea drinks, so virtually all appear in the other beverage packaging in the tea drinks are applied. However, tea has its own characteristics: ① The polyphenols in tea drinks substances and their oxidation products during storage easily with caffeine, soluble protein, pectin formation of turbidity and sedimentation; ② the polyphenols is also easy to oxidation, easy to form a black complex with iron ions resulting in color and flavor drinks on the Deterioration; ③ tea a long time at high temperature sterilization, easy to lose flavor and is easy to produce and cooked Tang Wei (cooked flavor), thus affecting the tea itself, flavor; 5 tea drinks are mostly low-acid beverages (PH ≥ 4.5), generally high-temperature sterilization; ⑤ mostly popular drink tea beverage is required at low prices to stimulate consumer desire to purchase.
    Most beverage manufacturers more from the equipment, one-time investment costs and production costs up to consider the choice of type of packaging, while ignoring the characteristics of their own tea. For now appearing on the market a variety of packaging point of view, in order to wrap sterile composite aluminum and PET bottles for packaging of tea drinks more appropriate to the nature of its chemical stability, not with tea in the chemical reaction of substances. The sterilization process using ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization processes (UH T), filling processes commonly used filling sterile environment or hot filling, can maintain Tea flavor. Another sterile wrap and aluminum composite made of PET bottles can be a greater capacity, packaging, suitable for families and party spending. From Japan and Taiwan in recent years the development of tea beverage packaging point of view, can also be found in large volumes of packaging is a trend.

  • Types of plastic bags
    (1) high-pressure polyethylene plastic bag
    (2) low-pressure polyethylene plastic bag 
    (3) polypropylene bags
    (4) PVC plastic bag

    The use of plastic bags
    (1) High-pressure polyethylene plastic bag:
    A, food packaging: cakes, candy, roasted seeds and nuts, biscuits, milk powder, salt,
    Tea, etc.;
    B, fiber packaging: shirts, clothing, knitting cotton materials, chemical fiber products;
    C, daily chemical products packing.
    (2) low-pressure polyethylene plastic bag:
    A, garbage bags, strains bag;
    B, convenient bag, shopping bag, handbag, vest bag;
    C, fresh bag;
    D, woven bag inside
    (3), polypropylene plastic bag:
    Is mainly used for packaging textiles, knitting cotton goods, clothing, shirts and so on.
    (4) PVC plastic bag :
    A, gift bag;
    B, luggage bags, knitting cotton goods, packaging bags, cosmetic bags;
    C, (zipper style) file bag, information kits.

  • Packaging will appeal to the sense of style and the desires of your customers, which will help them make a decision. Marketing and advertising will both play important roles in the process, but neither of these roles are nearly as close to your product as packaging is, because the decision to make a purchase during the shopping experience is made specifically at the store level and not at the marketing or advertising level. Packaging is capable of drawing the consumer in, in addition to changing the view of a brand in order to help the customer make the purchase that they need.
    What we need to think about then, is our packaging that we are using as well as the choices that we are making when it comes to packaging and selling our products. If the packaging is not doing anything when it comes to drawing attention to the product, then nobody is going to buy the product. Great packaging designs are going to support the brand, and in many cases, good packaging is also capable of building, creating and reflecting the brand. Whether your packaging is designed for business to business sales or consumer retail sales, packaging is everything when it comes to truly reflecting the brand.
    It is important that you really get to know your market well so that you can make sure you are having a positive level of penetration. Also, having a good packaging design will continue to work for your company and your product for many years to come, which will allow you to build a large amount of loyalty all along the way. It is important, for this reason, that you make a point to know your customers well, and that you choose your packaging options accordingly in order to be able to penetrate the market with your packaging. When you come up with a solid concept for packaging, that is when you can generate real brand power, garnering the appreciation of your customers and building business as a result.

  • Canadians give new life to used plastic shopping bags As an industry, we have put out a call to all Canadians to re-use and recycle their plastic shopping bags … to use them wisely for everything they are worth. The Canadian plastics industry wants its plastic shopping bags back so they can be remade into exciting new products.
    Decima Research shows that Canadians are embracing re-use and recycling of their plastic shopping bags, with over 90 per cent of people currently re-using their bags and over 80 per cent indicating that they would recycle those bags they do not reuse if given the opportunity at retail.

    And the story continues …
    One 2x6 composite board 16 feet long uses about 2,250 plastic shopping bags in its manufacture.
    Canadian businesses are doing their part as well … innovating and finding new uses for used bags and other plastics …

    A Newfoundland company, Enviroplastic Lumber, makes picnic tables for Gros Morne National Park, a United Nations recognized World Heritage site.
    A Chatham firm has developed a look-alike cedar shingle, called Enviroshake, from a proprietary composition of recycled plastic, recycled rubber and agricultural-fibre materials, such as flax and hemp . . . the roofing material comes with a 50-year warranty.
    Cascades a Quebec-based firm uses recycled plastic shopping bags to manufacture plastic lumber called “Perma Deck”, some furniture and some industrial products. Northern Plastic Lumber of Lindsay, Ontario manufactures “Plasboard”, a 100% recycled plastic lumber. And Rival Inventory Control of Newmarket, Ontario and Awax Manufacturing of Calgary, Alberta manufacture plastic lumber.
    Canadian Recycled Plastic Products, of Stratford, Ontario makes Muskoka-styled chairs, furniture, trash containers, recycling bins.
    In the United States, Virginia-based Trex Company purchases about 300 million pounds (136 million kilograms) of used polyethylene a year for manufacturing composite lumber decking and railing products.

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